We are making a new move

FMCG Distribution

We are among the leading distributor and exclusive agent for some of the famous and reputable FMCG brands. We distribute international brands of beer, wine and spirits. Our FMCG division are segmenting into three units. 1) Travel retail, 2) Domestic Retail Market and 3) Export Market distribution. Each business units carries and distributes our brands within its networks.

Travel Retail

Travel retail, and airport retail in particular, has been experiencing tremendous growth in the past few years. Our products ranging from beer, wine and spirit are being distributed to a broad range of duty free seaport and airport outlets in region.

Domestic Retail Market

This allowing us to be in the forefront of the market conditions with direct contact with our consumers. Currently we have 4 direct retail outlets, supplying supermarkets, convenience stores, hotels, restaurants, bars, discos, karaoke and traditional trade like coffee shops, and food halls. We are passionate to educate our restaurant and wine shop associates.


To connect consumer and the brand, we need to penetrate into this fast changing of alcoholic beverage industry. New generation are demanding more choice and want to buy drinks brands that truly deliver on their brand promise. We has ventured into the lifestyle entertainment sector, and to create an exceptional channel to promote our brands.

Our Lifestyle Connection:

Spirit & Wine Manufacturer

SCIENTIFIC R&D is another important expansion of the group in this industry. Established in 1994, it is one of the very few leading experienced producer and distributor of alcoholic beverages in Malaysia. We specializes in manufacturing and producing variety of high quality liquors such as tropical fruit wine, Roselle wine, wine cooler, coco cabana, red and white grape wine, tropical fruit vinegar and many more.

Our Manufacturing Features:

Member of the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM)
Member of the GS1 or Global Standards One
Bottling and labeling are 100% done via modern machines. Our production is more than 100,000 bottles per month.
Beside contract manufacturing, we also provide private labeling for both local and international clients.

Online Marketing Commerce

As part of our expansion, online marketing & commerce has played an important role in our industry. We invested one of the largest Malaysian’s F&B online blogging platform to connect direct 3000 restaurants and hotel. Also, we invested 365News, the largest mobile newspaper that allow us to promote our brand throughout million of readers in Malaysia.

Our Online Platform Benefits & Features:

Direct Relationship with over 2,000 MalaysianFoodie Merchants!

365News, the largest mobile newspaper that allow us to promote your brand throughout million of readers in Malaysia.

365 Ha Chiuu! Among the most popular online community in Malaysia.